Technologies: Angular.js

The Nigeria Bar Association held it’s 55th Annual General Conference in August of 2015 and a few months before, I was fortunate to be asked to develop both the Conference registration portal and the administrative console.

The conference portal allowed members of the Nigerian Bar, ranging from 1st years’ to life-benchers, Honourable Justices, Senior Advocates of Nigeria and even public office holders to show¬†interest in attending the conference, perform pre-conference registration,¬†make payment for the conference and also decide on their choices of conference materials.

For the administrative console, features included tracking the collection of conference materials by conference delegates, verification of identities of conference participants and also on-site conference registrations.

It was challenging but also very-eye opening as I got fresh education regarding User Experience Engineering and UI Design aimed at simplicity and ease of use.

Date of completion: 8/21/2015


Short description: Nigerian Bar Association - Conference Registration Portal