Getting the WiFi password for a network you’ve connected to on Windows 10


One more hack/pro-tip for today. I needed to get the WiFi password for a network my PC was connected to because I wanted to add my phone to the same network.

In comes Google to the rescue. One search term and two clicks after, I found a neat trick I’m sure I’ve used before but just couldn’t remember.

So, to help myself out in future and any other person out there who may need it, here’s how you do reveal Network Passwords on a Windows 10 PC (should work on others too, but I can’t be sure).

Open up an instance of Command Prompt and type in:

You’d get a list of networks that you’ve connected to (and saved) in the past.

Next, type in:

be sure to replace <network name> with the name of a network from the previously displayed list. And that’s all!!!