How to open hidden folders on OSX finder


I got a new Macbook Air today and I’ve been setting it up as a development workstation. It’s pretty interesting stuff but also a bit frustrating. I was trying to setup Apache, MySql and PHP but I had issues opening files and folders that are hidden by default on OSX finder.

Luckily for me, I asked Google and I got help.

To open hidden folders such as /etc/apache2 in the Mac OS X Finder, do one of the following:

  • Press Shift + Cmd + G  and type  /etc/apache2
  • Open a Terminal window and type  open /etc/apache2

If you use your Mac as a development machine or just like tinkering around under the hood, you have no doubt been exposed to the folders that are normally hidden from view in the Finder. There are hacks that make the Finder show hidden files and folders, but if you want to keep your Finder windows clutter-free this is a nice way of accessing hidden folders when you need them.