Football411 Online Launched

On Monday 23rd July 2012, the website went live officially. The long-time dream of entrepreneur Lanre Banjoko finally came to fruition with the website launch and he was overjoyed at the thought of the accomplishment.

Football411 Online is aimed at being the number one spot for all things football in Africa and the world at large. Bringing football news, editorials, interviews, fixture reviews, match reports, exclusives, transfer rumours and news and lots more from the dynamic and interesting world of football too its readers, the website hopes to become the leading source of football information within the country within the next 8 weeks.

Asked how this was going to be possible, the CEO, Lanre Banjoko leaked the fact that the website already has around a couple dozen football writers and analysts dedicated to the same dream. “We have also kicked off a massive sensitization and publicity programme so as to enlighten the football enthusiasts” he added.

Lanre Banjoko is also the CEO of DownTown Entertainment.